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First Fandom is not dead, only doddering
First Fandom panel: David A. Kyle, Jack Speer, Frederik Pohl
First Fandom panel at Noreascon 4: David A. Kyle, Jack Speer, Frederik Pohl
Founded during Midwestcon on Easter weekend of 1959 to organize the science fiction fans of the golden era and bring back fans who had dropped out of fandom, First Fandom was originally limited to fans active prior to 1938. The first President was Robert A. Madle.

There are several categories for membership in First Fandom. A dinosaur is one who was active in science fiction or fannish activities on or before the First World Science Fiction Convention held over the July 4, 1939, weekend in New York City. Other memberships categories are available.  Anyone who has engaged in correspondence, collecting, conventions, fanzine publishing or reading, writing or participated in a science fiction club for at least 30 years may be eligible for Associate Membership.

First Fandom presents two annual or nearly annual awards: since 1976 the Hall of Fame Award and since 1998, the Sam Moskowitz Archive Award. Most years they are presented at the beginning the Hugo Award ceremony at the World Science Fiction Convention.

First Fandom Awards Presented at Worldcon 75 - August 11, 2017

First Fandomís 2017 Hall of Fame inductees are life-long pair Les and Es Cole. Writer Jim Harmon is First Fandomís Posthumous Hall of Fame inductee for 2017. The Sam Moskowitz Archive Award for Excellence in Collecting has been presented to author Jon D. Swartz for his library of magazines and books.

The 75th World Science Fiction Convention, Worldcon 75 took place in Helsinki, Finland.


Membership dues are $15 for the new fiscal year, which started on July 1st.
Please send renewal checks (payable to Keith W. Stokes) to Keith at 14305 West 83rd Place, Lenexa, KS 66215. If you are uncertain if you are current, email


John Dalmas (b.1926)
"John Dalmas (born John Robert Jones September 03, 1926) died June 5. He wrote many books based on military and governmental themes. He grew up in Minnesota and Michigan and resided in Spokane, WA. A parachute infantryman in WWII, he has worked as a logger, longshoreman, merchant seaman, construction worker and smokejumper. He attended Michigan State, majoring in forestry, but also took creative writing.Ē"
(Excerpted from

Howard Frank (b.1941)
"Howard Frank, dedicated book and art collector whose interests developed into an enthusiastic passion, died May 1.
In his professional life, Frank was a professor, an entrepreneur, CEO of 3 tech companies, director of information technology in the Defense Departmentís Advanced Research Projects Agency, and former dean at Univ. of Marylandís Robert H. Smith School of Business. He wrote many professional articles and received numerous awards including election to the National Academy of Engineering. He was also awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by the Secretary of Defense (the Defense Departmentís highest civilian honor).
He and his wife Jane (a Chicon 7 GoH in 2012) built a major collection of original SF illustration art. They also sponsored several art exhibits and co-authored 2 books about their collection. He was recipient of the Sam Moskowitz Archive Award in 2013. Condolences may be sent to Jane Frank, 8300 Burdette Road, Bethesda, MD - 20817."
(Compiled from SF Site News, U. of Maryland and Howard Frankís letter to FF from 2013.)

For more details about First Fandom contact President John L. Coker III at
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