First Fandom at Conjose: World Science Fiction Convention
San Jose, CA - 2002

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Although most years the First Fandom Hall of Fame Awards are presented at the World Science Ficiton Convention, in 2000 they were presented at Archon 24 in the Collinsville, Illinois Gateway Center on Saturday, September 30. 

Jim Baen presented Marty Greenberg as the 2000 Hall of Fame Award winner. Mr. Greenberg was cofounder of Gnome Press and edited 7 anthologies for Gnome. Ray Beam accepted on behalf of Mr. Greenberg.

Posthumous recipients were writer and academic, Theodore R. Cogswell (presented by Steve Lopata) and former Secretary/Treasurer of First Fandom, Mark Schulzinger (presented by Joanie Knappenberger). Ray Beam accepted on behalf of Mr. Cogswell, who passed away in 1987. Sally Schulzinger accepted on behalf of her husband, who passed away in February of that year.

Also presented was The Moskowitz Archive award to Ray Beam. 

The First Fandom Hall of Fame Award is presented annually for contributions to the field of SF dating back more than 30 years. Contributions can be as a fan, writer, editor, artist, agent, or any combination of the five. Most years the award is presented presented during the World Science Fiction Convention's Hugo Award ceremony. 

Jim Baen, Ray Beam
Jim Baen, Ray Beam accepting First Fandom Hall of
Fame Award for Marty Greenberg

Steve Lopata presents posthumous award for
Theodore R. Cogswell

Sally Schulzinger, Joanie Knappenberger
Sally Schulzinger, Joanie Knappenberger - posthumous
award for Mark Schulzinger accepted by Sally Schulzinger

Steve Lopata
Don Dailey presenting The Moskowitz Archive award
to Ray Beam

Ray Beam

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